TwinRay Golden Age CommUnity

TwinRay is a Golden Age Global Community, comprised of high vibrational, devotional hearts that are in selfless service to the Divine and are remembering the truth about their Cosmic Origins and are realizing the simplicity and sanctity of the One Eternal Heart of God. The Heavens have sent out a Clarion Call to all of "The Children of the Light" of the Essenes, the Druids, the Cathars, the Gnostics, the Elysian tribes, temple priest and priestesses, Maji mystics, peacekeepers, start walkers and light-bearers of the ancient Mystery Schools who are ready to be leaders in the return of Heaven on Earth. The many thousands of core beloveds that follow the TwinRay teachings and are now coming to the Inner Sanctum, they have all had shared experiences of miracle transformations through Master Teachers Shekinah and Sananda as they have been harmonically inducting their students into higher realms of consciousness, opening them to receive ancient wisdom and life-altering miracle transmissions through the powers of TwinRay online courses, practices, gifted, paid, and premium offerings, meditations, prayers and living intelligence. The TwinRay Community teaches nondual spirituality along with the simple and undeniable Truth that "Thou Art That" This community is founded upon the selfless service to enlighten your mind, align your soul, and expand your heart. Welcome Home Beloved One.

Enter the Golden Age CommUnity